What Season Are You Living In?

I LOVE Summer and I’m always sad to see it go.  But I really do love Autumn and the added bonus of experiencing it in New England. Not only do I love wearing sweaters and boots again, but I love the colors traditional to this time of year.  They’re not the new, pretty colors of spring or summer, but the deep, warm, beautiful colors of fall.  The scents and tastes of meals enjoyed year after year fill my memories of this season.

Reflecting on the seasons made me think of the “seasons” of life. Recent studies show that U.S. women live an average of 81 years compared to 76 for men.  That means I’ve begun my Autumn in life.  I suppose this should depress me, but in fact, I feel quite good about it.

In my Spring, I was a bit of a “late bloomer” but learned a lot by watching others blossom and grow.

In my Summer, I was full-on-out!  I wanted to experience everything.  Like Impatiens, I was pretty, but I could wilt without enough attention.  I was fun and exciting, flying by the seat of my pants, pretty and playful as a Day Lily. If you’re tiring of the flora analogies, I’ll just say this: My summer was hot and colorful, enjoyed to the fullest.

But Fall, Mmmmm, Fall. Where summer was moving and hustling, Fall is more like savoring and appreciating.  Don’t get me wrong…I still treasure every moment, I just don’t live in ONLY the moment.  I’m not pretty like I was, but I’ve taken on a warmer glow, a wisdom and grace that I didn’t have before.

In my Autumn, I feel pretty smoldering in a sweater and jeans.  Not exactly how I feel in a bikini.  My Summer would have me jumping through hoops to prove to others that I was good and worthy of their love and affection.  Fall, on the other hand, has me recognize in myself, that I’m worthy of love and affection and won’t settle for less than what I deserve.   In Summer, I needed to be tended by others, my Autumn is much more self-sustaining.  I worry much less what other people think of me and focus on being true to myself.

My “4th of July” colors of summer were pretty awesome (albeit ‘showy’), but I’m certain my Autumn colors will be equally (if not more) impressive!  These blooms thrive in amping up their bad selves with color and foliage and growth (just ask any Autumn-er).  Well Hot Damn!  For this discovery, I’d like to toast my Summer’s ‘wine cooler’, with my Autumn’s Sauvignon Blanc and simply say, thanks for the memories!  I’ll happily trade your insecurities and toned ass for my confidence and love handles!

Here’s to all the ladies no matter what season you’re in!!  Be sure to share why and how you’re celebrating your season!


  1. What a unique and fresh perspective; just like the fresh air of Autumn! I raise my glass of Autumn Cab Sav and cheers to You!

  2. Wonderful analogy! Fall is such a rich, lovely, warm time and I love that you are honoring the new season you are experiencing. Not that one is any better than the other, but the ability to treasure each moment versus living for a moment (of attention)…is priceless! Oh, and Sauvignon Blanc over summer wine coolers – any day 🙂

  3. Love this! Such a great analogy. I would guess I’m just beginning my summer…. or I’m in the middle of it….and I’m loving it! I love fall, and have a feeling I’ll be really good at my time in my Autumn years, but right now I’m rocking the hell out of being a newlywed, and wearing as much bright pink as I’m able.

    Thanks for sharing April 🙂

    • Thank you Jenny! You Rock that Pink and enjoy your Summer! Sounds like you’re living it to the fullest! Congrats on your marriage too!! <3

  4. Lovely post! I live in the Blue Mountains in Australia and we experience the beauty and uniqueness of all the seasons here, which is unusual for Australia.

  5. Well, I’m in the autumn of my life, too. Though some days, it feels like spring! But there is a richness, a lush light of perspective and hard-won wisdom that I appreciate. Thank you for sharing your own autumn musings.

  6. Interesting perspective as my recent birthday brings me to the midway point of my autumn season! With every season comes a new chapter in our lives and it’s fun to reflect on accomplishments, hurdles, triumphs and the person we have become! Thanks April for always bringing positivity and fun to your topics! Oh yea, just visited the Niagara Wine Trail on vacation……I now have a supply for every season!! 🙂

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