What Are You Doing With Your Gifts?

We have all been blessed with talents and skills, yet not everyone shares them with the world. Far too many hide their gifts. They believe their talents aren’t as worthwhile as someone else’s. They compare and minimize what they’ve been blessed with. They are embarrassed because they haven’t perfected their skills, so they keep them tucked away in all their unfinished glory never to see the light of day.

Can you relate to that? Do you have talents that you enjoy and know you’re good at, but compared to other’s you just feel like you’re not enough? That what you have to offer is just not enough? Do you worry that if you were to really put yourself out there that others would shame you or put you in your proper (lower) place?

You have been given gifts. Gifts that can make the world, even if only your small piece of it, better. Imagine giving someone you care deeply about the most incredible gift. The one thing you know they wanted. It brought you incredible joy to give them this gift. You know they are the right person for it. They have the ability to share it and make it unique and beautiful. But you notice they hide the gift. Maybe they only reveal it to a select few, but for the most part they hide it. Or maybe they act like it’s not really a big deal. You know it’s a big deal to them, but they act like it’s not. When you ask them why they hide the beautiful gift you gave them, they tell you honestly that they were so excited about it, and they truly love it, but they noticed that other people have bigger and better gifts. They feel as though they just aren’t able to properly share their “small” gift when there are so many others with better ones. You’d be crushed and sad to know this gift that had so much potential with your loved one will never blossom; will never have it’s time to shine.

In Jen Sincero’s book, You Are a Badass at Making Money, she shares a story about Prince opening for the Rolling Stones. Prince had not yet made a name for himself, but he was trying. He went on stage in a trench coat – just a trench coat. No pants. He was booed through his entire performance. They threw things at him. The next night, he was at the next show and again, he wore a trench coat and no pants. He met a similar fate with this new audience. Could you imagine if he stopped there? Could you imagine never experiencing the incredible talent of Prince? At that moment, it would have probably been much easier for him to quit and say his gift was just not up to the standards of the world. But he didn’t. He committed more fully to his gift and said he’d never open for anyone else. He would play his own shows with people who appreciated his gift. And that’s exactly what he did.

You have gifts and talents that you’ve been blessed with. They will not resonate with everyone, but they will resonate with the people that need it the most. You may know 100 people with that same gift, but they bring something a little different to it, just like you do. You will attract the people that need it the most and detract those that don’t. It’s all good. There are a lot of people in the world. There is room enough for all of us to share our gifts.  Hold yours up high, be thankful for it, and share it proudly with the world. This world needs you and your talents. Speak up, stand up and show us what you’ve got.

Time to share! What is a gift or talent you have and how do you like to share it? Share in the comments section.

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  1. Oh wow!! I consider myself a big Prince fan, and I did not know this story about him.. On the day after the anniversary of his death, this speaks magnitudes.. well, it does every day.. I had the privilege of seeing him in concert once.. and only about 4 years before he died.. He was a force! I walked away saying that if I left this earth early, I could at least know that I left experiencing greatness that night… I was someone that grew up with his music before the concert, and by the end of that show I was someone who was overwhelmed with the talent that he was. Prince offers us so many life lessons on persistence and I think the one you share is the strongest. And yes, to think that if he got discouraged by that, the world would not have been the beautiful place it was with his music in it!!

    • Isn’t that just the coolest story, Pam?? I’m so glad it was new to you – a superfan!! So glad Prince left such an incredible legacy through his music! Thanks for commenting!

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