The Power of Your Energy

We are often entirely unaware of how we contribute to every experience in our lives. We bring an energy or vibe to every situation. If it’s positive energy, we’re more likely to have a positive experience; if it’s negative energy, we’re more likely to have a negative experience. It’s easy to forget this, though, when the situation is not one we look forward to, like going to the dentist, the auto repair shop, or the department of motor vehicle.

The other day I had to go to the DMV. Rough, right? As I was walking in, I was determined to be cheerful and pleasant, no matter how long the line was. Upon entering the building, the energy in the room was palpable. I felt like I hit an energetic wall. The line was about 15-20 people deep and this was just to get a ticket to wait some more. I overheard one employee say it was going to be about a three hour wait. Whatev, that’s how it goes. Unfortunate, but it wasn’t going to dim my energy. I was focused on adding positive energy to this place. That’s not how the lady behind me felt, however. From the moment she walked in with her friend, it was a string of negative commentary.   On and on she went about how stupid it was to wait in line to get a number only to wait some more, the insanity of having to wait so long, and how impossible it would be for her to come back tomorrow.

People like that are Energy Sucks. They suck all the good energy out of a space and replace it with negative energy. That’s what was happening to me. I kept trying to send love her way, and be patient and understanding, but as time went on, I started having negative thoughts and emotions. Energy Sucks are usually clueless about how they are impacting their own situations, let alone those around them. The stronger energy usually wins, and strength is determined largely by action. Her active narrative was overpowering my quiet inner dialogue as I lost patience with her.

There is a phenomenon called the Maharishi Effect. The story goes that in 1960, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi predicted that just 1% of a population practicing transcendental meditation would create measurable improvements to the quality of life for an entire population. The Maharishi University of Management shared, “this was put to the test under the careful scrutiny of a distinguished review board in 1993 in Washington, D.C. The maximum decrease in violent crimes was 23.3%. The statistical probability that this result could reflect chance variation in crime levels was less than 2 in 1 billion.”

Now if you want to start practicing transcendental meditation, that’s great, but my point is I don’t think that’s the only way. I think if more people in that DMV building projected positive energy, it would be a better experience for everyone. It could also have the power to turn around the Energy Sucks. And that’s where I dropped the ball. It wasn’t long before I began rolling my eyes and sighing about the Negative Nellie behind me in the DMV line. That meant I was now adding my negative energy to the room. I had an opportunity to turn around and try to chat up that lady. Turn it into a joke and get her to laugh about it and talk about something else, something positive. But I didn’t. I gave into the negative energy. I wish I hadn’t.

Think about how you contribute to your situations and how you could improve them by bringing more positivity to them. I’d love to hear your story. In the comments section, share a time your energy influenced a situation – positively or negatively.

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  1. I can certainly relate to your story April – our motor vehicle department isn’t quite that bad but nearly! I usually reframe it as valuable reading time and whip out my kindle. As far as energy goes, sometimes I imagine myself surrounded by a beautiful pink sphere where other people’s negative energy just bounces off but I can send positive energy out. It certainly can be difficult to be so close to such negative energy otherwise!

    • Claire, your strategy is FANTASTIC!! I will surely use that at the next opportunity. (By the way, it ended up being a one hour wait, not three!) Thanks for sharing such a great tip!!

  2. Jessica Martel says:

    Love this post so much. I try so hard to always project that positive energy. I’ve been told several times that I’m always positive and optimistic. I really take pride in that. It’s so important to be that calming/positive energy in a room full of the opposite. Why spend time sulking, dwelling, stressing, being negative etc… When it’s not going to change the situation. Of course I have found myself getting sucked into negative on more occasions than I’m proud of, but we’re human right. You’re amazing and so inspiring. ❤ PS the term Energy Sucks is now my new favorite.

    • That describes you PERFECTLY, Jess!! And you’re exactly right, negativity only makes a crappy situation worse. I’m so glad you like Energy Sucks – it’s pretty fun to type, too! 😉

  3. April, I love reading your articles and admit I haven’t for a while as I’ve been too wrapped up in trying to figure out my own stuff. This is an article I can definitely relate to. About a month ago, I started using essential oils to help mostly with physical side effects from being sick… but I also found that they help with my energy level and I’m definitely feeling more positive. Thank you.

    • Thanks so much, Denise! Working on you is pretty darn important and I’m not going anywhere so you visit anytime without worrying about how much time passes! I love essential oils and love that you are finding success with them. Thank you for sharing that tip! Love and light your way, as always!! <3

  4. Regina Torsiello says:

    I love this one April!! I have a natural positive mindset but there are those moments that you get sucked in and I always regret wasting my time when that happens. Positivity is a much happier place and I work on that daily in my work and home life. Most of my readings and personal study are all about good energy vibes!

    • I’m with you, Regina! I always regret it when I allow myself to get sucked in! Positivity IS a much happier place. Keep on rockin those positive vibes!! <3

  5. what a beautiful post, april. (and oh, how many times i have been that “Energy Suck” at places like the DMV! 🙁 i’m not a very patient individual.) however, as often as i find (found? i’m better now!) myself engaging in exactly that behavior, i agree wholeheartedly with you – “Energy Sucks are usually clueless about how they are impacting their own situations, let alone those around them. The stronger energy usually wins, and strength is determined largely by action.” i have been practicing qi gong for the past 1.5 years (and meditating more and more often as well), and the difference in my life has been amazing. this past year has been one of the most stressful and disruptive years of my life, yet i rarely lose my cool anymore. i am committed to always finding the positive now. because i know it’s life-changing.

    • April, you have been living a life projecting positive energy for so long!! It’s nice to know that I’m not alone with my negative moments. I have not tried qi gong, but I’ll have to look into it. Thanks for the wonderful comment! <3

  6. I absolutely love this April. I have to agree with you 100% on energy. Many people in this area drain me of energy and they don’t seem to know. Actually many here simply don’t believe in that, I try not to comment on it because really what’s the point. Things are changing though…very slowly. It seems very very hard for me living here. There seems like energy drainers all around me. Honestly too… sometimes I forget that there are positive people in this world. When that happens I probably pass on Negative Energy not meaning to or knowing it. I have so many reasons why people tend to judge me and not help me that just adds to it. There are some positive people here in Ga. to though. There just aren’t many and it’s hard here because depending on where I go, people will completely drain me of all positive energy.I notice though that my being positive helps the negative areas that I have to go to. I just don’t know if I’m strong enough. I try to stay in a routine doing my daily yoga, etc. because it’s extremely dangerous for me to get negative. The thing is I can’t make myself do yoga sometimes. That’s when I try to breathe or do some small actions that help put me back on the positive side of things. Anyway, great post!!! 🙂

  7. Great post April! This is something I’ve been trying to be more aware of and to not be the Energy Suck. Where I usually fall down is getting caught up in people’s drama and gossip (especially if it’s juicy). When I slip it feels like a bad hangover. Being reminded helps. Thanks!

    • Michele, that is such a great analogy – “when I slip it feels like a bad hangover.” You are so right that it’s easy to get caught up in people’s drama, but good for you for trying to resist that temptation!

  8. Great insights of the power of energy April! I also stuck in the long line of DMV sometime. I see people complaining and I agree they are energy suckers. Negative energy usually spreads out very fast and we all need to practice our inner peace to stay calm and positive in the not -so-positive situations.

    • Erin, you summed it up perfectly – it’s a practice we must participate in regularly to keep ourselves regulated to deal with the energy suckers! 🙂

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