The 5 Things We Do That Dull Our Shine

You are a gem. You are like no other. This makes you pretty darn special. Often, we can get so wrapped up in comparing our shine to someone else’s that we forget that while we may dazzle differently, we are all wonderful, beautiful gems. I’d like to remind you of that. We do things pretty regularly that dull our shine, and often, don’t even realize it.

Sometimes we mean well and just want to keep our shine under wraps. Other times, we question if our light is really even worth sharing. It is. It always is. To help you show your brilliance, I’ve listed 5 common things we all do that hide our awesomeness:

  • Comparing Your Shine to Someone Else’s – It’s absolutely okay, wonderful in fact, to appreciate someone else’s gifts and strengths. But this should not be at our own expense. Just because someone else possesses a strength that we don’t have, doesn’t make us less wonderful – it just makes us different. Appreciate others’ gifts, but don’t expect that every facet of you will shine as brightly – that dims the parts that actually do!
  • Focusing on Your Flaws – We all have flaws. Every gem has flaws. Focusing on them draws attention away from the good parts. Go ahead and work on smoothing out any imperfections, but own what’s beautiful and right with you. Show it off, even.
  • Hiding Your Shine – Sometimes when we are around others, we hide our shine. We make ourselves smaller so others can feel bigger and brighter. This serves no one. Do not hide your beautiful qualities. Showing it will attract those who appreciate it.
  • Boasting About Your Shine – The sun doesn’t tell us it’s going to shine, or that it is shining – it just shines. Be like that. Just shine. You don’t have to explain or convince others to see your sparkle. Just be you. There’s no boasting or bragging necessary. Your radiance will speak for itself.
  • Surrounding Yourself with Gems Just Like You – Think of a sapphire. Now imagine that sapphire with 10 other sapphires. Ok, now imagine that sapphire with rubies, diamonds, opals and every other kind of gem you can think of. Mixing up your surroundings with many different gems will help you shine brighter than if you are with a bunch of jewels just like you.

You were designed as the special masterpiece you are. Don’t hide it. The world needs your special brightness, beauty, and shine. It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you’re from. EVERYONE has something beautiful – some ray of light to shine. EVERYONE. Often, our beauty is beneath the surface. It’s only when we share our inner beauty that our outer beauty is truly seen. Embrace it and share it with the world, while appreciating the light others bring.

Now, just so I know you’re taking action on this, share in the comments a “facet” of yours that shines! Are you organized, empathetic, hard-working, or kind? Tell us – share your shine!

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  1. Beautiful post April. My shine is empathy 🙂 I am guilty of hiding other shines though and focusing on flaws. Your post is a beautiful reminder not to hide.

    • Oh empathy…such a valuable trait!! That’s a beautiful facet to possess, Angela!! I hope you’ll continue to shine all the wonderful aspects of you!! <3

  2. I could read a dose of “April wisdom” every day! I love your post, and I sometimes get stuck in #1-3. I don’t like to boast, and honestly having my own business brings up feeling like I am constantly promoting myself…which I still have not gotten comfortable with.

    I agree…we all have flaws and we all have shine within us. I practice EFT often even out and about, I will say to myself, “Even though (fill in the blank), I completely love and accept myself.

    One of my facets is empathy and a love of complimenting (sincerely) others. Encouragement is what helps me stay the course, and offering empathy and encouragement for others comes naturally for me.

    I love your writing. You bring profound subject matter into bite-size images that rock my core. You shine your brilliant facets with each and every post. Thank you. Great start to my day. 🙂

    • Jul’s, you show your empathy and love of complimenting in your comments here (Thank you!!! 🙂 ) This world needs more empathy and your efforts to boost up others through your sincere compliments adds so much good to the world! Keep on shining, Sister!! <3

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