Merry Christmas v. Happy Holiday’s

This debate has reached ‘Black Friday at Walmart’ proportions!!  I have just one question:  What the hell is wrong with people???  I don’t think “inclusiveness” has incited such chaos since African-Americans, Women and Same Sex Marriage supporters have demanded equality!!

I consider myself a Christian, and as such, celebrate Christmas.  I also consider myself a loving human being, and as such, appreciate and respect those incredibly wonderful people who celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or Nothing.

Most of the people I know celebrate Christmas, but many do not.  Out of respect for those who do not, I will use the “Happy Holiday’s” expression or the one specific to their beliefs.  If I KNOW someone else celebrates Christmas, I will wish them a Merry, but if I’m uncertain, I will wish them Happy Holiday’s.

Does being inclusive have the potential to make others feel discounted?  If there were only a few females in a male dominated field, and a guest speaker, aware of this, addressed the group as “gentlemen”, would that be rude?  Ya think??  If the speaker instead addressed the audience as “ladies and gentlemen” would the men feel slighted?  Only if they’re idiots.

I know this is a touchy subject, but to be honest, I’m just not clear why!  I have no personal objection to people saying Merry Christmas or any other holiday-specific phrase.  What irritates me is how ANGRY people are about the whole topic.  Should someone really be saying Merry Christmas with spite on their tongue?  Doesn’t that contradict the teachings of Jesus?

There are so many more important topics, in my humble opinion, to debate on.  Why would people want to waste such energy, so negatively, on a season that is supposed to be about loving and appreciating others?  There’s room for all of our holidays.  Let’s spread cheer, not hate.

Comment below and feel free to disagree…but one rule…you MUST share one tradition, based in love, that you enjoy partaking in during the holiday season.  (Happy Holiday’s Readers!) 🙂


  1. Alleluia April! Christmas is a time for giving, even if it’s only a smile!

  2. Ahhh, at last! Someone has tackled this topic with grace, gratitude and groundedness! I feel the exact same way. I sign my holiday cards “Happy Holidays” as I know it’s going out to many who do not celebrate Christmas. It should be about honoring everyone’s individual choices and respecting their beliefs. Otherwise, we are only operating from ego and the need to be ‘right’ or ‘better than.’ Thanks for shedding light on this heated topic of debate.

  3. Well said! Take a minute out of your busy schedule and bargain hunting to say hello, merry Christmas, happy holidays or whatever makes you happy! Spread some cheer!

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