It’s All About YOU – Survey for my Blog Readers

Energy mango/spearmint body butter, scrub and buff. Aaahhhhhhh…..

Hello All!  Cool survey for you to fill out at Survey Monkey:  that asks you to ANONYMOUSLY share your struggles at this stage of your life.  C’mon now, when was the last time someone asked about you and your life and REALLY wanted to listen to your answer?  Tonight’s the Night! Please answer my 10 quick questions.  Future blog posts will be written to address your concerns.  OHHH, did I mention that all who respond will be entered to win a fabulous “thank you” gift? ——>  Complete the survey BY 4/5/13, then drop me a message on my contact page, comment box, facebook page or email with your name and contact (email, phone, whatev) and I’ll enter you to win a super-cool little gift. And don’t worry, your word is good enough for me, I trust you!  Here’s the link again in case you missed it:


  1. Wow, what a fantastic number of responses! Thank you to all who completed the survey and watch for a post that will show the collective responses. The lucky winner of the prize is Pat S. from Massachusetts. Congratulations Pat!! For those of you who didn’t win the prize, don’t you worry. Based on the survey responses, I will be writing some hot topics to address the challenges you face. Plus, more contests are comin’ down the pike so SUBSCRIBE and stay tuned! Thanks again!

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