Greatest Hits – Year One

I have to admit that I enjoy Facebook’s “On This Day” posts reminding me of past memories. Yesterday was 4 years since I told the masses that I started this blog. It was a big, scary step for me (in fact, it took me a full month to shout it out), but I took it. 4 years later and I haven’t missed a weekly post since! It is in that spirit that I will be sharing some favorite past posts from Year One. In the very early ones, I had just a handful of subscribers. My writing has evolved some since then, as have my chosen topics, but my message is still the same. Embrace YOU, be kind, and keep creating the version of you that will bring you the most joy. It’s all about living a life by design. I’ve summarized my top 5. You can click the titles to read the entire post. I hope you enjoy these early year flashbacks!

I’m Rubber You’re Glue…For Grown-ups

My very first official post was posted here on February 10th, 2013. Here, I share the challenges I faced working with a supervisor who lacked integrity, honesty, and kindness. It was the feeling of powerlessness I felt at the time, followed by the eventual realization that I still had aspects of life that were in my control. It was that realization that ultimately led to the creation of my private practice and this blog. It’s a pretty raw post, but the main message still applies today. I’m much better at not allowing negative thoughts about others to crowd my personal mind space and this post is a great reminder of this.



The Limitations of “Labels”

Published on March 31st, 2013, this is a topic I’ve written about several times. I just have a “thing” about labels. This is about not allowing them to define you and how they can sometimes be used against us by others, but also by ourselves when we use them as a crutch or excuse. We’ve all received and applied labels to ourselves. See if you are doing this to your advantage.




Tell Me How You Earned that Victim Badge (Said No One Ever)

This gem was published on October 20th, 2013 and is also a repeat visitor. One of my favorite words and feelings is Empowerment. The perspective offered in this one is from personal experience (I have certainly worn the Victim Badge on occasion). I also know how much better it feels to empower myself and take control of the aspects of life I actually do have control over. There is a bit of tough love in this one, but ultimately empowering. If you are feeling down in the dumps and as if life just keeps throwing you lemons, this is a good read.




Who’s in Your Circle of Influence?

November 10th, 2013 is when I posted this popular topic. An expansion on the old adage, you are the company you keep. I shared how there are some down-sides to this phenomena, but even more so, the benefits if your circle of influence is chosen carefully. There’s a short, fun exercise included that I know you would find beneficial. Think about your closest influencers, then check to see if you are setting yourself up to succeed and achieve.




Living Your Dream, One Step at a Time

This was my post to celebrate the year mark of blogging and entrepreneur-ing (yes, I still make up words). It’s one I’ve had to revisit multiple times since posting it on February 23rd, 2014. It was a reminder that all accomplishments begin with one step. Every success, every dream can only happen when you take that step. It’s a short post, but it reiterates a point I’ve made again and again over the years. It’s also the one I need most when I’m in a rut. Whether you have a business, want a business, or would really just love a summer home, this applies to you, too!



There you have it – My Top 5 in Year One. I hope you enjoyed these early posts and commented if you felt inspired! Stay tuned for a brand new topic next week!

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  1. Angela Sargeant says:

    Wow congratulations on four years of consistent blogging April, that’s certainly a feat. I look forward to reading those posts you’ve shared.

  2. Happy Anniversary! You can be proud of what you have accomplished, let me quote you April: “it is a reminder that all accomplishments begin with one step.” Very inspiring! Thank you for sharing your work!

    • Thanks so much, Marta!! It really has been one (shaky at times) step at a time! Thank you for your comments and your part in this authentic community!!

  3. Happy Anniversary, April! 4 years of consistent weekly posting is really impressive! I always look forward to your posts and am looking forward to reading through this selection. 🙂

    • Thank you, Pam!! And thank you for being such an active contributor in the comments section, I love having you in this community!

  4. Happy 4-years anniversary April and thanks for always being so inspiring! It is hard to be consistent with blog posting and I admire you to keep weekly posting for four years! Keep up the good work and wish you will have more fantastic four years to come.

  5. April, this is wonderful! I think it’s so important to look back at how far we’ve come and the journey along the way. You inspire me to keep blogging and keep going after my dreams! And happy anniversary! 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Melanie! As much as I don’t like labels, I am a stereotypical multi-passionate, ENFP, Aries!! So consistency is not my strength. 😀 That’s how I really knew I was on the right path…I took my weekly commitment very seriously. Your work is so important and valuable to many, so please keep going!! Thanks so much for the well-wishes and kind words!!

  6. wonderful wonderful, april. your posts are always so inspiring and heartfelt. and they make you stop and think. congratulations on a successful four years of writing. and looking forward to reading many more posts to come!

    • Thank you so much, April!! <3 And thank you a hundred times over for being one of my most constant commenters! I look forward to your engagement and feel so motivated by it! Thank you, Thank you!!

  7. Oh Wow!!! You have totally impressed me…4 years of blogging and never missed a week? April, you must compile some of your favorite posts into a book…or two or three! I always find your posts inspiring…even your blog titles make me warm to your wisdom. Living my dream, one step at a time 😉

    • Jul’s thank you so much! You have been a regular commenter and have stayed so engaged and connected. That motivates me to do what I do, so thank you! Keep stepping towards your dream – you’re making it happen every day!!

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