Five Love Languages – Gifts

A thoughtful gift can make a significant difference to someone. This 5-part series has a new “language” discussed once a month. These are based on Gary Chapman’s book series, Five Love Languages. Each post will highlight a particular language and some suggestions on ways to meet that need for yourself and others.  In October, I shared Words of Affirmation. In November, I shared Quality Time. December was all about Acts of Service.  This month will discuss the language of gifts, those hand-picked goodies that brighten a person’s day. Let’s review what’s been covered so far:

These are the Five Languages:

• Words of Affirmation
• Quality Time
• Acts of Service
• Gifts
• Touch

If you would like a more detailed overview of each language, revisit October’s post. As a reminder, your primary and secondary languages may differ between your personal and business life, so view all the languages from those two perspectives. Now, if the idea of a little something special topped with a bow sounds like something someone you know would appreciate, read on.

Gift lovers are all about the tangible. Price isn’t (always) important. Often, it’s just getting a thoughtful “thing”.
On a personal level, this could be the newest BMW or a six month cruise around the world. But often, this is simply a bunch of handpicked wildflowers, a box of chocolates or the latest suspense novel. Those child drawings and driveway stones that have a little sparkle? Yeah, those too! These language speakers love to look at and touch these expressions of love. Like all the other languages, pay attention to clues that would help you determine just the right gift.

On a professional level, while the BMW or cruise would be great, these aren’t likely. Gift lovers get excited over the certificates, awards, pins and prizes. A bottle of their favorite wine for a special assignment that had the added bonus of making you look good too, is sure to score! A mall gift certificate, Cabela’s gift card or even an instant scratch ticket…any of these are likely to elicit pure joy. Remember though, thoughtful counts here too. Don’t assume Dave would automatically like tickets to the Patriot’s game any more than Carol would like tickets to the ballet. You should know enough about these people that if you’re going to give a personalized gift, you have a good idea what interests them.

Being thoughtful and sincere in your gift giving is sure to be a success to the gift-loving recipient. It’s especially enjoyable if they know why you’re giving it, even if it’s “just because”. Gifts make them feel special, so tell them why they are. Now is the time to get creative and get giving for these language speakers. They’re sure to repay you in your language…if they read this string of posts anyway. If not, give them the gift of this site! Otherwise, give all the wonderful readers here some ideas by commenting on creative ways to ‘gift’ those we love and work with, so they feel loved and appreciated. Watch for the final post in this series in February!

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(The Five Languages are based on “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman and “The Five Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace” (co-written by Paul White))


  1. Well-said April! Yes it is not just the value of the gifts we are giving and receiving, it is the thoughtfulness and the love the gifts present. A personal gift means you cares a lot about your friends and which brings more tangible value than just offer them expensive stuff. I also love sending my friend postcards when travel, because I found nearly everyone loves the hand-written letters.

    • Erin, I LOVE the postcard suggestion! You are so right – handwritten notes are so special, especially in this day and age of texting! Thanks for sharing!

  2. OOOH interesting post! I find the females in my world seem to appreciate gifts more than the males…..I love to buy gifts that show i know a person, but have to admit that i do struggle!

  3. I love this post! And for gifts, I think it is very much the thought that counts! If what you are giving resonates with the person, it does not have to be expensive!

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