4 Questions to Help You Design Your 2017

This time of year can cause us to focus on all the things we have to do before the year ends (which often translates into all we have to do for other people). But we are missing out on a wonderful opportunity to start thinking about what we need to do to start 2017 off right for ourselves. That’s the difference between being reactive and proactive. When it comes to life, are you playing defense or offense? Are you reacting to circumstances or making every effort to create those circumstances? This strategy can be the difference between working harder versus working smarter.

If you want to play offense in your 2017, you have to start planning NOW. Living a life by design requires you to design your life ahead of time. Of course, there will be circumstances beyond your control, but there will be many within your control, so your time is better spent planning those than worrying about what could happen. So, where do you begin? GREAT question!

Everything starts with your goals. You can’t live a life by design if you don’t know what it looks like when you’ve achieved it. Ask yourself the following questions for 2017:

  • Who Do I Want to Be? – What adjectives would you like others to use to describe you in 2017?
  • What Do I Want to Accomplish? – Is every year the same old, same old? You want to lose weight, find a life partner, travel, or pay off your debt… Let’s make this year the one when you actually get it done!
  • What’s Standing in My Way? – We are generally pretty aware of the obstacles that are in our path to success. We are also experienced and clever enough to know how to get around them. Sometimes it’s other people who hold us back, and other times we are our own worst enemy. Whether it’s external or internal, isn’t 2017 the PERFECT year to change this?
  • How Can I Use My Strengths and Minimize My Weaknesses? – The successes we accumulate are often a result of properly using our strengths while minimizing the impact of our weaknesses. How can you use this strategy to accomplish your goals for 2017?

If you give serious thought to these questions, you will realize – You have the answers. You just need to allow yourself a little time to reflect and consider the version of you, you’d like to be in 2017. Being the architect of your life isn’t easy but it’s absolutely doable! When you take control and plan for your future, you will find that you are no longer at the mercy of your circumstances.

Now it’s your turn. Which of those four questions: who you want to be, what do you want to accomplish, what’s in your way, and how to use your strengths and weaknesses, most resonate with you? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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Keeping the 8 Dimensions of Health Balanced

When we think of our health, we tend to think specifically of our physical well-being. But there are other areas of our health that we need to be aware of, not only for their own purposes, but also because they impact our physical health. There are eight generally agreed upon dimensions of health, and each of them require our care and attention.

Check out each one and assess how you’re doing:

  • Physical– This relates to your diet and exercise. While this is often the one we are most aware of, it can sometimes be the most difficult to work on. Time is a friend of diet (think food preparation) and exercise, but time is often what we are lacking in the most.
  • Intellectual – This area relates to creativity and mental stimulation. This means different things to different people. For some, reading and writing activates this dimension, for others it’s puzzling. It doesn’t matter what stimulates this aspect of your health, but make sure it’s something.
  • Environmental– The focus with this area is on living in a way that respects the planet we live on. This includes the products we use (like chemicals) and the ones we get rid of. It means being conscious of the natural resources we use. The faster we get, the faster we expect Mother Nature to keep up, but trying to rush Mom is never a good idea!
  • Occupational – Here, attention is given to getting fulfillment from our work. For many this may be paid employment, for others this could be volunteer work, like being on the board, or caring for our children or elders. The point is getting fulfillment from some aspect of our work.
  • Financial – This relates not only to the amount of resources we have, but how we use them. Similar to Mother Nature trying to keep up with how we are “spending” her resources, our paychecks have to keep up with our spending.
  • Emotional – How well we accept and are aware of our feelings is the focus for this dimension. Feelings can get such a bad rap, especially if we admit to having them, and yet, all the studies show that emotional intelligence is one of the surest way to success. We can’t be emotionally intelligent with others if we can’t connect to our own emotions first.
  • Social – This includes our connection to others within the various communities we interact with. We are social creatures by design. We NEED to interact with others. This may be to varying degrees, but we need social connection. The connections we make in the many areas of our life really contribute to our overall health and well-being.
  • Spiritual – This area focuses on the purpose and meaning we find in life. Some find this in their religious beliefs, but that’s not a requirement. Finding purpose and meaning is important and gives us a sense of comfort and faith during the tough times.

Looking at these, how do you think you’re doing? Are there areas that could benefit from more attention? Consider areas of your life that don’t contribute to any of these dimensions. This could be watching TV, getting lost on Social Media, or any other number of activities that are absorbing time that could be better spent in one or more of these dimensions. Self-assess, my friend!

Share in the comments section the area that you are strongest in and what you are doing to keep that dimension healthy.

If you are ready to level up any of these areas and would like some support, be sure to set up your complimentary Empowerment Session. You’ll be thrilled with how much quicker you can accomplish your goals than if you just go it alone!

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How to “Reset” Your Day

We’ve all had mornings where we hit every red light, every slow driver, every traffic jam, every computer issue, we had a spat with our partner, our kid had a meltdown, a client is being completely unreasonable, or any number of other challenges. After enough repeats of these types of incidents, we resolve that it’s just going to be one of those days. We resign ourselves to a bad day, which really becomes the power of suggestion in action – we expect bad things, we look for bad things, and the Universe mirrors these expectations.

A better way to approach a run of unfortunate events is to reset your day. Instead of just trying to survive it, start over. Here are 10 actions you can take to reset your day:

  • Take some deep breaths – proper breathing means your belly should expand, not your chest. Belly breathing ensures oxygen gets into the blood stream and is distributed throughout the body. It also releases endorphins (those ‘feel good’ hormones). Both of these perks reduce stress.
  • Give yourself a pep talk – You have your own inner coach, so engage with that aspect of your psyche and remind yourself that a few back-to-back challenges doesn’t have to mean a bad day – unless you let it.
  • Slow down – When we find ourselves chasing our daily tasks, rushing from one thing to the next, we can exacerbate our troubles by forcing ourselves to be so reactive. Get in a proactive state of mind. Slow down and try to plan a few aspects of your day. Write a to-do list, get your thoughts down on paper and collect yourself to take back control.
  • Get your blood pumping – Engage in a short interval of exercise. Jog in place, do some push-ups, run out to the car, go for a brisk walk, etc. All of these will get your heart rate up and stress level down.
  • Do a power pose – What the heck are these? Stand like Wonder Woman (or Superman), or sit like a cocky executive (hands clasped behind head, elbows out, feet up on the desk, and wear a cocky grin for good measure). 2 minutes will raise your endorphins and testosterone and lower your stress hormones. (c’mon, you could do this in a bathroom stall if you had to!)
  • Play music that gets you jazzed – Anthem songs were made for moments like these. These are the songs that if you’re in your car or kitchen, you crank it up and rock out! Any music of your choosing that gets you jazzed up and back in the game will do.
  • Visualize pressing a “Reset” button – Really, try it, what do you have to lose?
  • View some relaxing photos – It’s autumn, so there are plenty of beautiful New England trees changing colors, or maybe it’s looking at the photos of loved ones. Any photos that relax you or bring you joy will work.
  • Watch something funny – There is no end to the options on the internet intended to make you laugh. It could be unfortunate videos (that drunk aunt dancing on a table at a wedding), or just funny saying on Pinterest. There’s something for every kind of humor.
  • Watch animal videos – These are a dime a dozen, but seeing a cat sleeping in a dog bed while the dog sheepishly sleeps on the hard and cold wood floor is just a smile maker.

It’s easy to get swept up in our circumstances, especially when we are knee-deep in them. But we have to remember that we always have some level of control. Take back control of your day. You may not be able to control every circumstance, but you can control how you react to them. Even just an attitude adjustment is often all you need to get back on the rails of a good, productive day. If all else fails, rest on the thought that “this too shall pass.”

Your turn! Tell me which one of these is your favorite or that you’re most excited to try. Put it in the comments section!

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Choosing the Kind of Day You’d Like to Have

Wouldn’t it be nice to choose what kind of day to have? As if we’d pick anything other than Great!! But believe it or not, that’s very often exactly what we do. We CHOOSE to have a less than great day. We contribute to every situation in our life. In every facet of it, we have control. Maybe not total control, but we always have some. That’s true in our career, relationships, health, and any other area. We obviously can’t control everything that happens, but we can control much of how we react to it. And it all starts with our attitude.

Your attitude is simply a reflection of what you are thinking and/or feeling inside, and how that is expressed through your language, tone and/or body language. Think of someone who is playful, smiling, and laughing. They are expressing a positive attitude. Now think of someone who is dreading a meeting they don’t want to go to, they don’t see why they have to go and it’s just going to be a waste of their time. Do you think they will reflect this in their attitude? You better believe it. In both scenarios, those individuals are choosing the kind of day they want to have. Of course there are situations that make it difficult to express anything other than how we are feeling, like when we’ve lost someone we love. I’m not talking about those extreme, highly emotional times. I’m talking about just our average day-to-day stuff.

An example that comes to mind is a time I was copied on an email that I thought was unprofessional, crass, abrasive, and self-serving. There was no response required from me, I was just witnessing it. I was burnt up over this email for two days. Every time I thought of it I’m sure my blood pressure went up, I would rant about it for several minutes in my head, thinking how idiotic the sender was. Then I thought about how I could address it with them. What I might say to this errant person who clearly needed a talking to. And then it occurred to me…what was I getting so fired up about? The email certainly could have been written with more class and tact, but it wasn’t written with the intent to create this reaction. And even if it was, there was no need to let it ruin my day. So guess what? With a little effort, I let it go. Just like that. Once I realized I was blaming someone else for ruining my day, and unnecessarily so, I changed my tune and turned that attitude around. This is choosing what kind of day to have.

When we recognize that we have a choice, it changes things. That tailgater? It’s not personal, they always do that. The slow car in the fast lane? They aren’t even paying attention. This list could go on and on, but you get the idea. Letting these annoying things dictate what kind of day you’re going to have is just a bad plan. One way to improve this is to quiz yourself. Marshall Goldsmith talks about this in his book, Triggers. He uses questions each day to assess how he did. The first three are from him.

  • Did I do my best to be happy in my life today?
  • Did I do my best to build positive relationships in my life today?
  • Did I do my best to be fully engaged in my life today?
  • Did I do my best to take control and live a life by MY design today?
  • Did I do my best to add value to others today?
  • Did I do my best to let the little stuff go?

This daily self-assessment can really make a difference with your circumstances and your attitude. Some days will be better than others, but that’s okay. Just do your best. So tell me, what do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments section. What do you do to make your days good days?

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Small Habits Make a Big Difference

When we have an area in our life that we want to improve on, there are two common missteps we take that squash our efforts. The first is envisioning the difficulty. We start thinking of how hard and seemingly impossible it would be to achieve that goal. The second misstep is biting off more than we can chew, and completely rearranging our life to achieve the goal. Both of these result in an unachieved or unsustained goal. This is discouraging and results in some pretty negative self-talk whenever we are reminded of it. Let’s unpack these for a moment before I share the small fix that makes a big impact to combat them.

When we have a goal, before we even start working towards it, we imagine what we might have to do to achieve it. And in just a few short seconds, we have imagined the virtual impossibility of making that goal a reality. It may be the effort we think we’d have to put in, or the length of time we think we would have to work at it. But often, it’s just the thought that keeps us from taking action. For example, if you wanted to lose 20lbs, you think how nice it would be, but then you picture having to get up early (when you already don’t get enough sleep) to workout. You’d also have to skip sugars and carbs like all.the.time. Your BFF’s are getting together for a dinner in a few weeks, so you’d have to drink water and eat a salad? No thanks! If I want to be miserable, I’d rather be miserable being 20lbs heavier and eating what I want, thank you very much! This is what happens when we envision the difficulty.

If you are able to dodge this goal-crusher, worry not, its cousin is just around the corner. In this scenario, you are beyond excited and motivated to achieve your goal. You have an aggressive plan of attack. You are going to annihilate that goal. In the example of the 20lbs, you are going to workout every day for at least one hour. You will sign up for multiple classes: cycling, yoga, core work, and kettle bells. No sugar, no carbs, no gluten, no dairy. Protein, protein, protein. You will exhibit the most impressive will power anyone has ever seen. Sounds great, and may even work for a little while, but eventually, you are going to hit a wall. Hard. You will be so exhausted from working so hard, sacrificing so much, that you will have nothing left. And so, the wall will win, you will feel defeated and sooth yourself with a gallon of ice cream, a bottle of wine, and/or some cheesy garlic bread. This is the result of biting off more than you can chew (pun intended).

There is a much better way to achieve our goals and maintain them. Ready? It’s by implementing small habits. I know, you’re thinking it will take too long to achieve your goal this way. However, our small habits are so much more powerful than we think. This goes for both good and bad ones. If you get into the habit of watching TV every night after dinner, this can lead to snacking on unhealthy treats, and falling asleep too early, which disrupts your sleep during the night, leaving you tired the next day. This lack of sleep can lead to sugar and carb cravings and over-consumption of coffee. The cycle will gradually worsen unless a healthier habit is developed. All from one, seemingly harmless, habit of watching TV after dinner.

Switch that with a good habit and the story changes dramatically. Instead of TV, start walking for 30 minutes every night after dinner. This gives you some energy to make a healthy lunch for work the next day. You sleep better through the night, and eat better the next day. Before you know it, you are walking up to an hour most days (because you want to), losing weight and toning muscles. Your pre-made lunches are healthy and save you money each week. All from one small habit change.

The key to the change is making the habit so small and achievable that it isn’t difficult to see yourself doing it for, well, maybe forever. Healthier habits will follow down the road, and you will welcome them instead of seeing them as a chore. Pretty cool, right? For you finance buffs out there, this is compounding in action. This process works in business, health, parenting, and relationships. It works for anything. It’s all about the small habits; the small changes.

If you read last week’s post, you know ACTION is the name of the game! What is ONE small habit you could start doing that could put you on the path to goal achievement? If you’re a whiz at this, share the small steps that have proven successful for you already. Post them in the comments section.

Nothing conquers a goal faster than some reinforcements.

If you are REALLY ready to make that change you’ve been thinking about, let’s strategize together. I offer a free Empowerment Session to my readers.

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Are You Stuck in the Planning Place?

Planning is important, sure. There are all sorts of things in life that are better with planning, but too often we can get stuck there. Especially if the next step requires leaving our comfort zone. We tend to over-value the need for planning, and under-value our resourcefulness. I bet you know a couple who didn’t plan on getting pregnant but it happened. I bet they figured it out. How about when a major, expensive car repair becomes necessary? We figure it out. We either figure out how to come up with the money, or we figure out how to do without the car.

What area of your life is stuck in the Planning Place? You KNOW you aren’t happy where you’re at in this area, and yet you fool yourself into thinking that just because you did a Google Search, made a phone call, tossed it around in your mind, or mentioned something about it, that you’ve just got to wait now until the “right” answer presents itself. Or maybe you are actively planning and trying to prepare and consider every conceivable outcome before you decide which path to take. Enough is enough. You have to make a move.

Have you ever been detoured while driving and for whatever reason not only were there no signs to direct you, but you didn’t have a GPS to help you find your way back to your route? I’m willing to bet, you found your way to your destination. You may have even taken a wrong turn. You may have even had to ask someone for directions. Or stop and turn on Google maps. Or you took the really, really, realllllly long way there. But you got there. Because you’re resourceful. Would you have gotten there if you just stopped the car and considered every other possible route? NO. You would not have made any progress getting there until you started moving the vehicle again.

Planning, in and of itself, does not move you forward. It is only when you ACT on your planning that movement begins. You have to start moving. You can’t possibly plan for everything anyway. And you don’t have to do this alone. There are resources everywhere, but no one can make the first move but you. If you’re unhappy with your health, DO something about it. Doing is different from Planning. There is a good chance that whatever the end result is that you are considering, there are a whole bunch of small steps you would need to take before you got there anyway.

If you want to learn how to ride a bike, you could read a manual about it. This could be the best manual ever made on the topic. It covers everything you would ever need to know about riding a bike. But until you RIDE the bike, you will not be any closer to the end result of being an experienced bike rider. Take a small step. You can adjust as you go, but you’ve got to go. Life is way too short to spend it planning, and never doing. There are so many possibilities out there. There is not just one path to Happiness. There are many, many paths. Chose one and if you have to alter your course later because you don’t like the one you’re on, you’ll do that.

How about you share some successes? What’s an action you took at some point in your life that truly changed your path and resulted in a positive outcome? Share in the comments section.

Do you need a resource to help nudge you out of the Planning Place and into Action? That’s my Jam! Email me at April@AuthenticLifeChronicles.com to set up your FREE strategy session. It’s time for you to take back your power!!

How Setting a Daily Intention Can Improve Your Life

Starting your day with an intention may seem obvious. Don’t we all start our day with the intention of being on time, having a good day, getting our work done, not strangling an annoying co-worker, and other similar goals? For the most part, yes. Many have to-do lists that they intend to complete. But I’m not talking about THOSE intentions (important though they are). I’m talking about an intention that will apply to all areas of your life from the moment you wake right through to the moment you go to sleep.

These do not need to (and really shouldn’t) be complicated, lengthy intentions. They should be intentions that you can apply at work, home, etc. For example, your intention may be to “be positive.” You can apply this everywhere. You start thinking about what a great day you’re going to have, you talk yourself up on the drive in, not seeing that third red light as a “sign” of a bad day to come. You walk with a little pep in your step and smile in greeting to others. You avoid complaining about the loud phone talker, gum snapper, know-it-all and water cooler gossiper…because you set the intention to be positive. When you get home, you focus on not whining about your day, and handling the limited dinner options (since you forgot to go to the grocery store), in stride.

Some moments will be easier than others; some days will be more successful, too. But when you set your focus, things HAPPEN! Good things. Your intention could simply be one word, like “confidence.” So you will go through your day talking yourself up. You look good, you’re interesting, you have great ideas to contribute, you walk tall and speak with authority. Get the idea?

Here are some helpful guidelines for your intentions (but keep in mind, there are no rules here).

  • Keep it simple and general enough to apply throughout your day.
  • Make it relevant to an area of your life you’re trying to improve (like the positivity and confidence examples used above).
  • Make it a little challenging, but not too much…it will likely get more difficult as the day progresses.
  • Your intention is best phrased as something you will do as opposed to something you won’t do. (If you have “don’t be negative” going through your mind all day, the word that stands out is “negative,” which will make it harder to avoid.)
  • Change it as often as you like. Some prefer daily intentions, others weekly or monthly.
  • Reflect on how you did. Replay the day and think of how many times you focused on and applied that intention to various situations.
  • Celebrate your wins. Even if there weren’t as many as you had hoped. Progress is progress.

Having a clear intention every day will help you be who you want to be. If you’re trying to improve your attention to detail, “pay attention to the details” is a great intention to have. You are channeling all that energy towards something good. Having intentions just float around in our brains doesn’t help us improve. We need to clearly state it! Do this every day…you will absolutely notice the improvement after just one day!

This week’s commenting is going to be FUN!! State your intention. That’s it. No explanation required. Just tell me in the comments section what your intention is. Overachievers are welcome to come back and share how successful the exercise was for them.

Would you like to put even more energy towards an area of your life you’d like to improve? I have an arsenal of tools, techniques, strategies and methods to get you where you want to be quicker! Email April@AuthenticLifeChronicles.com and we’ll set up your complimentary strategy session.

Creating White Space in Your Life

In web and print design, “white space” is very important. White space is what surrounds the content. It appears to be nothingness – blank space. While this element often goes unnoticed, it’s obvious when it’s missing. You know when you open a book and print is filling almost every inch of the page? Typically, that’s overwhelming and we are much more likely to put that book down (or dread having to read it). For this same reason, it’s important to have “white space” in life.

White space often seems as if it isn’t doing anything, but that’s untrue. In fact, most of us seek out white space, unconsciously. When you’re organizing or rearranging furniture; when you declutter or clean. These activities are often how we create white space in our lives. Our physical spaces need this as much as our psychological and emotional ones do.

Many years ago, when I was a smoker, there were two primary reasons I enjoyed smoking so much: It required deep breathing (which we now know is relaxing) and it gave me 5 minutes of white space. Thankfully, I have since found much healthier ways to create white space in my life. Here are my favs:

  • Sitting on my front porch people watching
  • Reading an interesting book
  • Taking a long drive/ride
  • Listening to music or a podcast
  • Reflecting as I drift off to sleep or wake in the morning
  • Spending quality time with my family and friends
  • Hiking or walking
  • Getting a massage or spa treatment
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Deep breathing exercises
  • Biking
  • Running
  • Napping
  • Relaxing at the beach
  • Gardening
  • Having a good ‘ol cry

To some, these activities may seem unproductive and without value, but they are examples of life’s white space. They relax, calm, quiet or center our mind. This is important because it prepares us for the busy “content” of life – work, family, kids, responsibility. These white space activities allow us to avoid overwhelm, tension and stress.

If you’re feeling overwhelm, tension and/or stress, work on creating white space. Are you filling your time with too many tasks or activities that don’t calm you? Check your physical spaces too. Are your bookshelves lined end to end with books you haven’t looked at in years (and likely never will)? Has the kitchen table become the “catch-all” for mail, papers, and other clutter? This content is taking over your white space. Have you ever had an important project deadline approaching and promptly began organizing your desk? This is not just a sign of procrastination, but an unconscious desire for some white space. Listening to the signals your body and mind send you will help you find the space you need to be at your best.

Your turn: How do YOU create white space in your life? Share in the comments section so we all can benefit from your wisdom!

Would you like to find some white space sooner rather than later?

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Facebook is Not a Diary – 5 Etiquette Violations to Avoid

I LOVE Facebook. I remember when I first caught the Facebook bug. I totally skipped My Space, so I was completely out of the social media loop, until I bumped into a high school friend in passing who said, “So good to see you, look me up on Facebook.” And the rest is history. I so enjoy reading up on where life has taken those friends from my past, the pictures, the stories, the connection! But it doesn’t come without its issues, too.

This holiday weekend, I’d like to have a little fun and cover some Facebook basics. I know some will totally know where I’m coming from, while others will be a bit taken aback. The intent here is for all of us to do a quick self-assessment to make sure we are following Facebook etiquette and not being talked about (hopefully anonymously) at small gatherings. I’m not the only one who has posted some lovey-dovey Facebook post about loving everybody while under the influence of a wine (or three). No hate. But remember, these posts don’t just “go away”. They can be found by employers, family, friends, and foes even after they’ve been deleted.

Facebook Etiquette Violation #1 – Public fighting – Dogging the one who did you wrong, even when not mentioning names, is awkward and uncomfortable for readers. There’s a good chance we all know who you’re talking about. We may even be mutual friends with this person. A nasty divorce, drama-filled family issue or a backstabbing former-best-friend are issues that come to mind. This does not paint offenders in an ‘aww-poor-them’ light. Rather, it looks immature and catty to engage in such passive-aggressive public smearing. Even if/when we know the poster is right. It’s like making eye contact with someone in the locker room shower. Awkward.

Facebook Etiquette Violation #2 – Dropping a hook, then leaving – There is almost nothing more annoying than when someone posts something like, “Worst day ever…” “Maybe it’s time to just throw in the towel…” and then they disappear like a small plane in the Bermuda triangle. You ask if everything is ok, or “what’s wrong?” only to be met with silence. Or maybe a cursory, “it’s been a bad day”. If you need support from your Facebook friends, and publically announce this, it’s okay, but don’t disappear. It’s rude.

Facebook Etiquette Violation #3 – Chain Mail-like posts – I love all of my Facebook friends. I want all of them to be happy, healthy, successful, loved and financially secure. But for the love of all things holy…do NOT send me a “Send this to 12 other wonderful people in your life or you’re going to rot in hell for all eternity” type posts! I won’t play! (ok, if I do, I’m only sending it back to you…no one else!)

Facebook Etiquette Violation #4 – Graphic Images – I am an animal lover. Almost to a fault. But PLEASE do not visually assault me with unsolicited graphic images of animals being tortured, mutilated or in their final resting places after meeting a terrible death. I care, I love animals, but those images haunt me, hurt me and DO NOT make me donate to a cause. EVER! This goes for humans, too. I don’t want to see this stuff. It’s the exact reason I don’t watch television. It distracts me from what I can do and reminds me (in Technicolor) of bad things that happen. I know they happen; I don’t need to see the pictures.

Facebook Etiquette Violation #5 – TMI – I can be an open book as much as the next open-book person, but I don’t want to hear about EVERYTHING through Facebook. If we’re having a one-on-one conversation, that’s one thing. But when I see someone over share incredible detail on a highly private matter on Facebook with their 300+ friends, it’s just…uncomfortable. Facebook is not an intimate setting. These conversations are best reserved for besties and life coaches (hello), not the masses.

I hope you fared well in this self-assessment (I’m guilty of a few myself) and even found yourself giggling. No self-hate if you didn’t score perfectly, just consider it a learning experience to add to all the rest life provides. And if you disagree, well that’s fine too. I mean really, who am I, the Facebook Etiquette police? Seeing as I live in a glass house, I’ll opt out of throwing stones. However, if you think someone you care about would appreciate or benefit from these “totally-made-up-rules”, then by all means, share, share away!

Your turn…Share your thoughts on the topic. Am I totally off here? Can you relate with some of these? Did I miss any violations? Sharing is caring. Head to the comments section!

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Hello Mid-Life Crisis

I have just wrapped up an incredibly stressful six weeks. I unexpectedly lost my mom, my youngest had her senior prom and graduated from high school, and my oldest purchased his first home with his sweetheart. For the past 23+ years, my identity has been firmly defined by two things: being a caretaker to my parents; and being a mom. I’ve now lost both of my parents, and while I’m still, of course, a mom, I’m not needed the same way I was when they were little. This puts me square at “Welcome to Mid-Life Crisis.” Not the, leave my husband buy a Mustang mid-life crisis (I already have a Mustang), but rather the “who the hell am I?” mid-life crisis. I can’t answer that right now, but I’ve got plenty of resources to explore this question.

There are so many women (and men) who have crossed this bridge and likely have wonderful, sage advice to share. To you, I ask that you share it in the comments section, I’m all ears. To the rest; to the others who are on this same journey, or know you will be on this journey someday, I’m going to share my strategy for navigating these new waters.

Disclaimer: I may be totally wrong, so please know that I am sharing advice that I have not personally tested yet, so take it at your own risk.

Who am I? Such a profound question. I can’t answer that in less than 700 words. And even if I could, I would likely have an entirely different answer tomorrow. But I still have to have some idea. What is my purpose? To make both of these questions easier, I’m going to alter them by adding the word “today” at the end of each of them. Who am I today? What is my purpose today? It seems to me that these questions are much easier to answer. I can do that. I can respond to those questions intelligently, today. It’s like A.A. for the lost-in-mid-lifer’s. One day at a time. I don’t know, but that sounds pretty doable to me.

In celebration of my daughter’s high school graduation, and my son and his sweetheart’s first home, we took a family cruise. It was my first cruise and there were certainly some life lessons there. For one, we didn’t worry about what we were doing tomorrow beyond breakfast. We planned our day one step at a time. We didn’t focus on filling time with lots of activities, rather we just took it moment by moment. I kind of think this is (mostly) how life should be. We spent virtually no time looking at our calendars. We just talked and did what seemed right at the moment. We also had the luxury (yup, luxury) of not having any cell service or free Wi-Fi. So cell phones stayed in the cabin. We truly lived in the present. What a gift.

I think this is the answer to that mid-life crisis. I don’t have a label to apply to my identity right now. That’s ok. I’m going to explore and investigate and live in the moment. I bought nothing as a souvenir on our trip. Really. No hat, shirt, bag, key chain, shot glass or personalized starfish. I just savored each moment. I swam in the now. I’m going to hold close to me only those things that are truly important in my life. I remember my dad saying he could count on one hand the people most important in his life. Now I know what he meant (even though I might need two hands).

After six long, exhausting weeks, I’m ready. I’m ready to discover, explore and open my heart to the next chapter. I will happily explore this chapter day by day. What’s your plan? Tell us in the comments section.

What’s your purpose? Who are you?

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