About Me

Hi, I’m April Carchietta and I’m so glad you stopped by to learn more!

I think you’ll find we have a lot in common. If you enjoy looking for ways to improve and grow to your highest, joy-filled potential while contributing something good to your corner of the world, we’re going to become fast friends!

I’m a wife and mom of two great kids (like I’d admit if they weren’t). My son is 25 and my daughter is 19 and we enjoy a pretty great life in the Northwest Hills of Connecticut.  I have a combined 23 years of management and human resource experience that greatly benefits both my personal and professional life.

As a Personal Development Coach, I help growth-minded people identify their goals, develop a plan to achieve them while staying on track and motivated on their journey to success.

(That motivation part is a toughie, I know!)

I’ll tell you a bit about how I got here, and what I can do for YOU!

I grew up in a small, idyllic Connecticut town. My father was a hard-worker who also volunteered as a firefighter along with my uncle, both following in the footsteps of my grandfather. He taught my sister and I the value of hard, honest work. My mother was mostly a stay-at-home mom who nurtured and cared for us and taught us about the importance of empathy and kindness along with a good dose of imaginative play and the joy of reading. Feeling loved and safe in my family and community helped develop my optimistic, strong-willed, eager-to-learn personality.

As I approached high school graduation, I was torn between so many options and really was uncertain of which path to take, yet confident that life would pave a path for me. And pave a path it did. I enjoyed much success in various industries with the majority of my work in management and human resources.

Over the years I had experienced the loss of loved ones just like I’m sure you’ve experienced loss in your life. These moments are often defining ones for all of us.

In my early 40’s I realized I hadn’t been active enough in choosing the path life had paved for me. I was feeling trapped. I discovered that all my years of people-pleasing and following the expectations of others robbed me of ME. Can you relate?

This realization left me feeling restless, discontent and unfulfilled. At the peak of this, my hometown, the safe place where I grew up and had all but defined me, was dealing with an unspeakable tragedy. My beloved Sandy Hook was now a news headline.

These two colliding events, reminded me of how little time we all have and that we have to seize every moment gifted to us. This realization motivated me to take charge of my life. To change what I could and alter my perspective on what I couldn’t. I committed to valuing every moment and doing my part to make this world, if only my small piece of it, a better place. In order to do that, I knew I would have to start with me because

the moments I most want to define me are the ones I actively create.

This “fire in the belly” led me to immerse myself in all things related to personal development. Applying my years of experience, trainings, education and research, I created a unique system. My coaching will help you get laser focused on the goals that are important to YOU, assist you in developing a fail-proof plan, and motivate you to achieve the success that’s felt just out of your reach.

One of the unique qualities about my coaching is that it is not a one-size-fits-all style. We are individuals with our own experiences, knowledge, needs and desires. I respect and honor that and adapt my style to suit each and every client. I have a playful, judgment-free approach to ensure you feel safe sharing any thought, idea or emotion. The dynamic of our relationship is that of a team. You don’t need someone telling you what to do. You’re not broken, so you don’t need to be fixed. No matter what area of your life you’re struggling in, to make any change, you have to start with you.  Relationships, Career, Financial, Personal, Parenting…these areas can’t improve without a shift in your mindset. That’s where I come in. I help you uncover the power you possess to make your life all that it can be. And who doesn’t want a bit of that mojo?

If you’d like to explore all the options available, feel free to roam around the site, but the fastest way is to email me at AuthenticLifeChronicles@gmail.com to set up a complimentary strategy session.

Are you are ready to give yourself permission to finally focus on YOU, to take back control of your life and reach YOUR goals and benefit all those around you by shining YOUR light on the world?

It’s takes courage, but you’ve come this far, I think you have it! Go Team YOU!