7 Questions to Help You Transform Your Life

This is another time of year filled with holidays and observances. Christians are celebrating Easter; Jewish people are celebrating Passover; and just about all of us are celebrating the long-awaited arrival of Spring. Regardless of your religious beliefs, all three of these occasions share a common theme: Transformation.

Easter signifies the resurrection, or coming back to life after death, of Jesus.  Passover commemorates the freedom Jews could finally enjoy after God freed them from slavery in Egypt. Spring is celebrated for the new growth it is beginning to provide for us.

I hope whichever of these you are celebrating, you are able to do so with those you love. That includes you. If you are alone, you are still in wonderful company! For this time of transformation, I’d like to provide some questions of reflection for you to consider today and throughout the week:

  • How would you like to transform your life?
  • What parts of you or your life need to be “brought back to life?”
  • What parts of you and your life need to be freed from others’ control?
  • What’s something you’d like to see grow and expand in your life?
  • How would you have to change in order to have that kind of transformation?
  • How much more fulfilled would you be if you could make that change happen?
  • What is one small step you could take that would bring you closer to that transformation?

Meditate or pray for guidance on these questions and how you answered them. Close your eyes and visualize how your life would look if you achieved this transformation. Imagine your confidence, your energy, your happiness with this transformation. Then give thanks for all you have right now. Your experiences, thoughts, wishes, ideas, and knowledge are all clues and keys to achieving what you want to achieve. You need only believe that if you seek, you shall, indeed, find.

I wish you a very happy celebration of transformation, whatever that may look like for you!!

If you wish, I’d love to see you share some thoughts on transformation in the comments section.

(This was originally posted on Easter of 2017, but the message is so relevant, I decided to post it again this Easter. I hope you enjoyed it.)

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  1. What juicy questions April. Allowing space for reflection is so important and it is particularly symbolical at this time of year. I have a daily journalling practice that I adore and these questions will be lovely to explore as I journal. Thank you!

    • Claire, journaling is a PERFECT way to reflect on these questions. I’m so glad you’ll be using them in this way. I hope they bring you any needed clarity! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. As we progress into the transformation of
    Becoming better people the meditation really
    Will become part if my routine- Thanks

    • Joe, that is so good to hear! I hope your responses to the questions lead you closer to becoming the version of yourself you are striving to become! Thank you for adding such a rich response to the post!

  3. I love these probing questions, April! I pray and meditate for my personal transformation, so loved your suggestions. I also set an intention daily and when I do yoga, and honestly that has helped me to stay the course of transforming because it can be a windy path full of doubt at times. I also work with Louise Hay affirmations and “I love and accept myself exactly as I am.” It’s a funny paradox, but to transform, I find accepting where I am then allows me to shift and change.

    • Jul’s, your process for personal transformation is so admirable! You are so right about the path to transformation being a “windy path full of doubt,” but it sounds as though you have armed yourself with a routine to prepare for even the toughest of days. Thank you so much for sharing it here!

  4. ooh, what insightful questions for a good session of introspection, april! i always think of my birthday (which was just a few days ago) as my personal new year. this is the perfect time for me to sit down and think about your “transformation” questions in more depth. thank you.

    • I love your idea of using your birthday as your personal new year. I think many of us naturally do that, but more as a way of thinking of what we haven’t accomplished, as opposed to what we still can. Thank you for sharing that and I hope this “new” year is filled with Italian wonders and personal and professional success!!

  5. This is great, and what a great idea to stop and reflect on what we want instead of what we feel we have to do!

  6. I love retreat to my own little corner and reflect on my experience and life. Few days ago I was hit by a terrible headache and that I had to stop working on what I have planned and get much needed rest instead. Missing out on my daily tasks is worse than the headache itself, but it has helped me to think about all the transformation I need to do – to be freed from the headache and get more work and life balance, and bring me more joy and happiness. Thank you for this wonderful post!

    • Erin, I love your transformational goal and how you turn a crappy situation (headache) into a time to reflect! That’s no easy feat! Thanks for sharing and know I’m here cheering you on!!

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