7 Great Ways to Save Money Before the Holidays

I know, just thinking about the holidays can make you want to bury your head under the pillow! There are many reasons the holidays can stress us out, not least of which is money. Unless you are growing a money tree, it isn’t that easy to generate extra income quickly. This week, I’ll share some tips to help you start earning or saving a little moolah. If you start now, you’ll have 8 weeks to work on building a holiday slush fund.

Here are some of my favorite ways to generate or save some cash:

  • Facebook Marketplace – Selling items on Facebook Marketplace is super easy! You take a picture of your item, put in a brief description (sizes/measurements if necessary) state what town you’re in, and BOOM…you have posted an item for sale. People can search within a certain radius and you can arrange for pickup. I just sold a painting and an entertainment center this way. Tag Sales aren’t just for summertime anymore!
  • Facebook Groups – Find groups in and around your town. Just like the Marketplace above, you post the information and can chat with people about them. Also like Marketplace, you can buy or sell.
  • Thread UpThis website is an online consignment shop. I’ve found them very accurate in their descriptions and when you buy items they come in an adorable polka dot package. In addition to buying, you can send them items to sell. They get a cut of course, but it’s reasonable. If you choose to send clothes, they are very strict, so read up on the expected quality of submissions.
  • PoshmarkThis is my current fav. Just like with Thread Up, you can buy or sell your clothes, shoes, jewelry, handbags, and makeup. What makes them different is you post the picture, provide a description and post it yourself. They also get a cut, but the buyer pays shipping and they can credit your account or direct deposit the funds directly into your bank account.  When someone buys your item, all payments are handled through Poshmark who sends you a label to print out and put on the package you send out. This allows you to hold on to your own items and you determine the price and any reductions. Very Cool!!
  • Le ToteThis is a clothing rental sight. For a monthly fee, you can select a number of items to borrow for as long as you’d like. These tend to be new fashion looks. If you like them, keep them and you’ll get a discounted purchase price. It’s a fun way to try new looks. You can stop your subscription anytime. They have clothing and jewelry.
  • Rent the Runway Similar to LeTote, you can borrow a name brand item for a significantly reduced rental fee. This is great for weddings, or other special events where you may only wear the item for that occasion. It’s much cheaper than buying a new outfit, especially if designer names are important to you!
  • Shopify I haven’t tried this myself, but there’s a low monthly rate option if you have products or services that you’d like to sell. Worth looking into if you want to create an e-book, already have a physical inventory of products you make or sell, or have services to offer.

These are just a few options to sell your items or buy at discounted rates. There are plenty of consignment shops and Fall Fairs if you prefer to do this off-line, so work on doing what’s comfortable for you. All of the versions listed above are pretty easy to do, so don’t let the technology hold you back.

Alright, your turn! If you’ve used one of these methods, share your experience, or if you have one to add, please do in the comments section!

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  1. I have no idea there are so many places to sell our stuff and make money for our vacation. I have heard of Shopify but never used it before, I will look into it before my next big vacation. Another thing to add is to save money on unnecessary expenses – buy Starbucks coffee and clothes, go to the bars, and visit the hair dresser. It may not cost a lot to get a cup of coffee at the coffee shop, but the small expenses can quickly add up.

  2. This is great! Saving money… I got this idea from a good friend who does this. And when she told me how much she saved doing it, I was amazed. I recently bought a funky bank.. And every time me or my husband get a bill that is not as commonly used as others.. For example, here it is a 50aed note, or even a 200aed note.. There are others, like the 100 that are much more common.. but if we get a 200aed.. it goes in the bank. Someday we will take it out and use it or invest it. And as we save, I feel a little joy when I put something in the bank.

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