26 Ideas to Make the World a Better Place

I am purposely posting this on May 26th ‘cuz I’m clever like that!  Not only does the date coincide with the message, but it’s MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND.  This is a great time to remember all those who have passed before us and remind us just how precious life is.  As mentioned in last week’s post, I, and my former classmates were horrified at the events of December 14, 2012 in Sandy Hook, CT.  Once the fog of grief started to lift, the resilience of the families affected, and the community as a whole, inspired me to find the good that can come out of even the most tragic of circumstances.

Ann Curry started a project of committing 26 Random Acts of Kindness to honor the 26 lives lost.  While numerous worthwhile projects were born from this tragedy, this project helped quantify the good that still exists in the human spirit.

Check out (and “Like”) the Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/26acts for more about this ongoing project.  Stories are shared to encourage and report wonderful examples of people doing simple acts that serve to restore faith in humanity.

There are so many awesome ways individuals can spread a little joy.  Here are 26 of my favorites:

  • Personally thank a veteran this weekend
  • Buy 26 roses and hand them out to random people that look like they need a little love
  • Create care packages for homeless people (hygiene products, hand warmers, etc.)
  • Give $5 extra at a toll booth and tell them to apply it to as many cars as possible
  • Give $5 extra at Dunkin or Starbucks for the next person
  • Volunteer at a food bank, soup kitchen, homeless shelter, school, etc.
  • Donate to causes that you believe in
  • Donate clothing and household items to the Salvation Army or Goodwill
  • Volunteer at special events like Relay for Life, Special Olympics and community clean-ups
  • “Share” a friend’s  “new business” post
  • Take the time to listen to that long winded co-worker’s story instead of doing the army crawl around the building to avoid them
  • Send someone an email telling them what a great job they did
  • Ask an elderly person to tell you one of their proudest moments
  • Thank a police officer and other first responders for their work in the community
  • Post a public “thank you” to someone who has helped you in some way
  • Make a “Welcome” package for the new neighbor
  • Ask the new co-worker if they’d like to lunch with you
  • Give your bag of returnable cans and bottles to that person you see picking them up along the street every week
  • Visit the new business in town and try to help them succeed
  • Email the corporate office of a business letting them know you received great service from someone on their staff
  • Mentor a youth in need by becoming a Big Sister or Big Brother
  • Offer to do yard work for an elderly neighbor
  • Never pass up a kid’s lemonade stand…buy generously
  • Tell that pompous, know-it-all something you truly like and admire about them
  • Forgive someone’s crabby behavior and treat them nicely anyway
  • Volunteer at a local ESL (English as a Second Language) program or learn someone else’s language (Spanish, Sign, etc.)

Behavior is often contagious.  When someone treats you poorly, you are more likely to treat someone else poorly while in your pissy-place.  Yet, when someone treats you kindly, you are more likely to ‘pay it forward’.  In essence, like one stone creating many ripples in a pond, your act of kindness has the ability to (directly or indirectly) impact millions of people!!  If you spread it out over one year, that’s only once every other week. (Math whiz you ask? Why yes, yes I am!)

I’ll leave you with a quote I stumbled upon just before writing this post:

“The things you do for yourself are gone when you are gone, but the things you do for others remain as your legacy.”    -Kalu Ndukwe Kalu

Will you use one of your 26 Random Acts here?  Please share some Random Acts you’ve committed in the comments section of this post.  You never know when you might inspire someone else.  


  1. It just hit me….. I believe that I did a random act of kindness for a friend over this weekend who may have to go back and read your list to “see it”!

    • Oh Miss Denise, you sure did!! In fact, I think you may have committed MULTIPLE Random Acts of Kindness on this same person. When this person (yes, readers, it was me) wanted to return the favor your beautiful response was, “Pay it forward”. Readers, please check out my ode to this incredible woman on my facebook page! 🙂

  2. Thanks April for reminding us to make “Random Acts of Kindness” a better place for us to live…

    • Chris, I also copied a portion of your comment from last week as it speaks so beautifully to this topic. You wrote: “What do I do? A few things.. I smile a lot… I say Hi to people I don’t know… I ask if I can help that Mother trying to balance a kid and a bag of groceries… Sometimes they say no I am all set.. After all I am a perfect stranger… but most appreciate that someone noticed they need help. Each week my husband and I have a goal… Inspired by the tragedy in Newtown. We both complete 26 random acts of kindness. This takes a little creativity. Then we share it over the weekend. Doesn’t have to be a BIG deal… Hold the door for someone!! Say thank you, buy a lunch, pay for someones groceries, bring in the neighbors trash bin, bring your coworker a coffee and the list goes on and on…” How inspirational!! Thank you for sharing!

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